Time to look past Europe

The legal action fronted by Ms Gina Miller (The outrage is fuelling me, December) appears to me to be an attempt to overturn a democratic decision rather than to preserve the sovereignty of Parliament.

Ms Miller knows that most MPs favour remaining in the EU and any decision is likely to water down the aims of the leave campaign, the most fundamental of which is to control immigration. The gulf between what the majority in the UK want and the views held by members of Parliament highlights how out of touch MPs are with those they represent.

Those who voted for Brexit want to regain control of our borders. Yes, there is a cost: unfortunately no one knows what it is because the EU will not discuss matters before Article 50 is triggered. The worst-case scenario is that our financial sector will be hit when it loses passporting rights and there will be a 10% tariff on exports just to start with. The value of the pound should address the 10% tariff problem and the cost of imports will increase, which may encourage farmers to produce more and for manufacturing to return to the UK. It is a price worth paying just for the UK to regain control of it borders.

We must remember Europe is far from stable and a question mark hangs over the future of the Euro, so perhaps we are better off out than in. There is a big world out there, let’s broaden our horizons.

John Cole, Sillans-la-Cascade, Var

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