Truth of Brexit is Britain voted to leave

Malcolm Duncan (see letters April here) says “Brexit should never have survived the initial poorly informed referendum”.

The referendum was an “In or out” question.

If Mr Duncan lacked the wit to investigate the consequences of such a vote, others can hardly be blamed.

It was the people’s right not to vote or to vote. The point is that the majority of those who did vote voted to leave.

He then proceeds to lay the shortcomings of the EU on Britain.

These shortcomings are the reason we are leaving!

He says that probable political, social and, above all, economic consequences for the UK are negative.

Had he done any research, he would have found that the exchange rate had fallen many years before Brexit and that foreign companies are investing in Britain.

But let’s not let the truth get in the way of anything.

According to Mr Duncan, “many Britons” have now opened their eyes – and a second referendum is a moral obligation.

Presumably he wouldn’t want another vote, had the remain camp won?

The final extract from his letter is that only the US and China can be independent.

This in complete ignorance to the various trade pacts each country has with other countries around the world.

Kenneth Wheatley, Pyrénées-Atlantiques

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