UK needs its EU allies

With the 52-48 Brexit result, few people in government or business had any idea of what it would mean. Those resident outside UK had and have a far better perspective but were not allowed to vote. The campaign was based on exaggeration and lies.

One widely understood plus is the need to reform the EU’s bureaucracy, regulations, immigrants etc. Better for UK to help fix this inside rather than outside the “club”?

The Brexit ramifications remain too vast to discuss in detail. Nothing of what we have learnt over the past two years was ever explained prior to the vote, which merely covered immigration and healthcare benefits. Zero about citizen’s rights.

The UK is a magnet for immigration. It created a build-up of resentment and the notion the UK was being run by Brussels. Brexit says, “we are fed up and we want our country back”.

That is naïve. The UK is a small island and does not have the skills, education and manufacturing base. Up to now this is compensated by EU membership. The UK’s flaws are not as a result of the EU, totally the opposite. The UK is not strong enough to face up to US and China etc. It needs to hold onto its allies and friends.

Hugh Mitford Raymond, Alpes-Maritimes

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