Passport farce: Part III

RE: The letter Passport farce: Part II (Letters, March, see here), I experienced the same when renewing my passport two years ago.

I tracked the passport as having been delivered, which it had not, so went to the distribution point and the woman said it had been delivered but could not show me a signature.

The next day I found one passport in the postbox about 500 metres from the house, not signed for, and the second one was left on a garden seat.

This year I have renewed my husband’s passport. This time the passport arrived and the delivery man rang the bell for a signature.

The second passport arrived four days later but at least it got into the postbox this time.

Our postman never asks us to sign for items recommandé and we never receive back an avis de réception.

Complaints to the local office mean that our postman just stops delivering to us at all!      

Jan Kingsmill, Lot

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