Weak, absurd EU is reason for Brexit

Several Connexion readers have expressed shock/sadness/concern/outrage and so on about “Brexit”, and ask why anyone would have voted for it.

In many published letters it is obvious that, while some people who regret leaving, view the EU through rose-tinted “future-vision” spectacles, most are worried about their personal situation – exchange rate for pensions, health system changes, onward movement, etc.

Few seem to consider the UK national interest nor, apparently, can they see the EU’s weaknesses and absurdities.

Self-seeking leaders, MEPs’ lack of interest (31 of 751 turned up for the Maltese President’s report in Stras­bourg), undemocratic, afraid of trade deals with powerful partners (see TTIP), no clean audit, ridiculous subsidies.

Permitting Greece into the Eurozone, resultant destruction of Greek economy and associated misery, Maastricht fiscal rules ignored, founding an EU-defence force (by countries, most of which do not adhere to the NATO 2% GNP), reform – nobody knows what or how (remember the clamour when David Cameron suggested reform was needed?).

Remember the “European Constitution”? Referendums in France, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark rejected it. It was quietly withdrawn, renamed as a treaty, and implemented.

Few “Brexiteers” deny there will be difficult times for several years, but UK sovereignty will have been regained and, freed from compromises made by a committee of the other 27 nations, will be in a position to develop our country, institutions and laws as we wish.

T.F. Boyle, Dordogne

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