Yes, good after-sales service does exist in France

Readers have complained about poor after-sales service in French stores following the breakdown of equipment; can I say my own experience has been totally different in the 10 years I have lived in France.

I contacted customer service at Lidl by freephone, after a fault in a €23.99 LED lamp bought 14 months previously with a three-year guarantee. I gave the product code and date of purchase on the receipt. A replacement was sent free of charge.

Three years ago our Pana­sonic TV broke down under guarantee. The local retailer said it could not be repaired but Panasonic would send a new TV with a larger screen. The replacement set arrived, with a new guarantee.

I do not agree French people accept poor or non-existent after-sales service – equally, I’m sure most British people can recall UK examples of poor as well as good service.

Tony Hulson, Allier


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