You just can’t run a country like a bank

Macron promised he would cancel local taxes for all in 2017... instead, he has reduced taxes and spread the cuts out over three years.

In addition, he said he wanted to increase tax on fuel to encou­rage people to give up diesel cars. That seemed a good idea but the truth is, it is to reduce France’s international debts.

Three French people out of four think he is unable to bring about good things; he lacks the necessary experience.

He has always thought it is possible to run a country as a bank, a gigantic error according to me (and a lot of others).

Many people, as I do, want to maintain their purchasing power, see a significant drop in taxes, bigger taxes on listed companies, proportional representation, abolition of the Senate. Ordinary voters want to have more influence on French politics. We want to often be able to decide directly, not via elected representatives, because we have no more trust in politicians. I am convinced if I ask a British person whether they think it is a good thing to make decisions for themselves, they will say “of course’’.

We would like the news to tell us what the government wants to do in 2019 about the poor... not more about violence and riots. I am not proud to have a country becoming a shambles. I like my nation, but how do you fight for more equality?

If you have a clever solution, or even just a clue, tell me.

Gilles CARRE, Aude

Editor’s note: Mr Macron’s election manifesto stated that ‘four-fifths of people will no longer pay taxe d’habitation by 2020’.

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