Confused about return dates

Your report about Brexit and second home visits (No deal: Best way to prove residency, September) states we will only be able to stay for 90 days in a 180-day period.

When does the 180-day period begin? Is it from January 1, or from the date one leaves the UK? If I want to leave on May 1 to spend eight weeks in France, when will I be able to return?

I would normally do so about September 5 for another eight weeks but if I have to wait for 180 days from May 1, I wouldn’t be permitted to go back until November 1. A lot of people must be confused by this.

Margaret Hunter, by email


Editor’s note: The 90 days start from the day you first enter France after the no-deal begins, so in your case you can return in September but you can only stay for around a month.

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