Country sounds are part of rural French life

Second home-owners, get over it...

26 August 2019

Regarding the second home-owner complaining about cockerel noise (Connexion website): I have lived in rural France for 11 years, I have a cockerel that crows enthusiastically, a donkey who brays – just because he feels like it – and a husband with a tractor that he fires up early in the morning, because that’s what farmers do.

Oh, and I have frogs that croak – shock horror!

Second home-owners, get over it. Are you the people whose boom-boom music goes on until all hours? Whose sons and daughters roar up country lanes on dirt or quad bikes with no respect for the residents who moved to appreciate the countryside?

If you don’t like rural sounds, leave those of us who are here for the right reasons in peace.

Alison Fox, Soumensac

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