EU must find way to solve refugee crisis

27 June 2018

In your interview with Klaus Vogel (We saved 26,000 people... Europe must do more, June 2018 ) you asked “why have we seen rising numbers of migrants in recent years”?

One of the reasons is because of people like Klaus Vogel. The results of an act of kindness are not always as one might imagine, and those attempting to secure safe passage for those in peril at sea are encouraging overcrowded boats.

The sad truth is that millions of people want “a better life” and you cannot blame people for trying, but the West cannot provide homes for everybody.

Many people have had enough of the perceived injustices of the needs of indigenous Europeans playing second fiddle to those of migrants from very foreign lands.

The inability of the British Government to tackle immigration is one of the main reasons that country is leaving the EU. Brussels and Strasbourg have refused to listen, and now they are paying the price.

I respect Mr Vogel, but maybe his energies could be better placed. I fully understand the motivation to assist these people but more needs to be done to stop them getting onto the sea in the first place and in the long-term to effect change in their homelands so the desire to leave is reduced.

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