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French test for over-70s?

An article (May Connexion) on taking French citizenship states that, ‘for the over 70s who have lived in France for more than 15 years they do not need to take the French language test’.

25 July 2017

On the website, the only mention of over 70s is for refugees and stateless persons and the only other mention of age is under Knowledge of the French Language where it states over-60s will have their knowledge evaluated during an interview.

As we are both over 70 and have been residents for 17 years we would be grateful for clarity before we apply.

Ken FORTNAM, Deux-Sèvres

The over-70 reference should have read over-60. There is no test for over-60s but all  applicants face a short chat in French at the préfecture on France and living in France. It is adapted to their situation and education

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