Gaga over radio internet?

I have served as a local councillor in Bourgogne, near Sainte Colombe sur Loing, since 2005.

Recently I was asked to investigate a new high-speed internet offer, announced by our prefecture. 

This new offer is called RCube THD and concerns the delivery of Very High speed Internet by means of Radio transmission.

In our area, there are three service providers, Alsatis, Nordnet and Ozone.

The promised service offers 30Mbps download, and 5Mbps upload, as well as telephone and TV services.

I attended a presentation by all three providers and was impressed by Alsatis, who phoned me the day after to confirm that they could indeed provide this service at my address. Nordnet and Ozone failed to respond to a similar question.

I would be interested to learn if any Connexion readers have had experience of RCube THD, and if so, how did it match up to promises.

In 15 years living here, I have tried several internet service providers, including Nordnet Satellite (which started well then fell into almost uselessness, and WiMax (now Ozone).

Mike Bayliss, Yonne

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