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Glyphosate herbicide is no danger to humans

Your report on glyphosate (Aug 2018) as a pesticide found in honey is inaccurate and alarmist and adds to the public perception that any chemical involved in food production is detrimental to human health which Greenpeace will quite happily promote.

27 August 2018

PESTicides are designed to inhibit or kill living organisms, are dangerous and must be handled under controlled conditions.

A systemic HERBicide is designed to inhibit plant growth by altering its growth levels and is not dangerous to the human metabolism. Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide.

During the Vietnam war the USAF’s most shot-at and the most decorated unit was 12 Air Commando that ran the defoliation program spraying Agent Orange. New pilots joining the squadron in the early-60s faced an initiation ceremony at their first formal dinner – being required to drink a shot glass of the brew.

Reports from the Air Commando association based in Florida is that they are now starting to die... of old age.

Rex Barron, Charente

Editor’s note: Thank you for pointing this out – our online article has been amended. Regarding Agent Orange, the US Veteran’s Administration has advice on this site

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