How can this be in national interest?

The main reason David Cameron, the penultimate prime minister called for a referendum on whether Britain should either remain in the European Union or leave was an attempt to save the Conservative Party from pulling itself apart over Europe.

26 June 2019

It was nothing to do with what would be good for the country as a whole and in the national interest. It was all in their manifesto.

Theresa May has had to fall on her sword to avoid the annihilation of the party.

She did have the interests of the nation at heart.

The present leadership contest will be decided by a Tory party membership that is approximately equal to between two and 2.5% of the electorate, if they all vote. This is not representative of the national interest.

For the 2019 European Parliament election, the Tory party could only command 9.09% of the total number of votes cast (admittedly only 40% bothered to vote), so it can hardly have a mandate for the nation as a whole.

However, it will be able to decide whether and how we should leave the European Union. Where, oh where, is the national interest and democracy in this farcical demonstration of government?

This is all about the Tories hanging on to power at all costs and to hell with what would be good for the United Kingdom as a whole.

James Patterson, by email


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