How to get a discount in France

Your article about the problems encountered by a reader getting a cashback offer (February edition, see here) brought to mind my experience of a couple of years ago.

I decided to buy a new smart ultra HD TV. I chose LG and discovered they were doing a similar offer. I went to my local Pulsat store and took details of the offer for the TV model concerned. I was told the offer was being made so LG could move some slightly older stock.

The salesman explained there was a new model TV from LG, at virtually the same price but without the cashback, but at a higher spec. I then asked if he could make a better offer on that TV. He went back to his PC, made a few keystrokes and wrote down the discounted price. It was within 50€ of the price for the cashback model, after the cashback!

I have always asked for a discount here in France when making large sum purchases, and sometimes not such large sum purchases, and had more discounts offered than refused. If you do not ask, then you cannot get!

Peter Duff, Vienne

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