Knighthood for Nigel and Boris if...

I propose we determine the true depth of confidence in the belief of leading Brexiteers that embarking on an unknown and, inherently risky, journey away from the EU, against the vast majority of expert advice, is worth pursuing.

25 July 2017

 If they are proved correct and the standard of living for ordinary UK citizens improves, then such visionaries as Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jacob Reece Mogg, David Davies and others deserve gratitude. They should be knighted and each awarded £5million from the public purse. A small price to pay for their foresight.

 On the other hand, if the results are calamitous with increasing unemployment, even higher prices and lower wages, then these same people should be removed from any position of authority. Since most are wealthy, each should forfeit at least £500,000 as a recompense.

A point of reference could be that the exchange rate has risen from the present derisory €1.12 to €1.40 (the rate prior to any suggestion of Brexit).

And remember, the pound was worth €1.72 a year after the euro was introduced. This means it has fallen by 35% and UK citizens are now 35% worse off than their EU counterparts.

Jeff Whyatt, Vienne

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