Knives out for the UK

In general, TV news on the France 2 channel offers reasonable coverage of what is going on in France and elsewhere in the world.

21 November 2018

But, whether it is Brexit or some other agenda, France 2 seems to go to extraordinary lengths to highlight UK’s gangland culture, with a new exposé at least once a month.

The day I write this we were presented with gangland’s “love of knives” and the continuing problems police have in trying to control hooligans who insist on disrupting the peace.

Yes, the UK has its problems, but so does every other country in Europe and the world.  It’s time France 2 looked elsewhere other than the other side of the English Channel.  

Knives, drugs, and all manner of unsociable goings-on are not exclusive to Great Britain.

Tony Lively, Charente Maritime

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