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In light of Marks and Spencer announcing the closure of remaining French stores, we invited reader comments about the company’s French website:

22 November 2017

I have never found the French site satisfactory and wrote many times to M&S with specific solutions to all the problems. The site never has the range of items, sizes or even colours of the UK site. 

Denise Staines, Var

I think the French M&S site is really poor. The choice of garments look as if they are the remnants of the sales. They do not have the range of the English stores. I can’t understand why one can’t order from England to be sent to France. John Lewis can do it.

Patricia Niemara, by email

I complained in June that identical items were often much dearer on the French site than on the UK one. The reply included: “Items may have an increase in cost due to the French website and stores being franchises of M&S, meaning they have a certain amount of room to determine the prices of the products they sell. External costs also need to be taken into account, with shipping costs and exchange rates taking effect on the overall cost too.”

Chris Reith, Tarn

We are very dissatisfied with M&S and their policy of charging 25% more for each item ordered. We were told by their customer service department that we would be unable to order from their UK site and that they had no plans to change this policy unless there were hundreds of customers protesting about it.

H Goodman, by email

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