New account not 'nickel'

1 September 2015

Compte-Nickel advertises itself as “an account without a bank” with “no question of playing with your money”.

I opened an account as easily as promised a year ago. All went well until a year later when an email appeared saying I had failed to supply my address confirmation (I had). I immediately contacted them and was assured that the email was a “problème technique”.

I was due to drive across France, relying on my CN card to re-fuel etc. Far from being sorted out, I then received an email saying that the account was closed, in clear breach of CN’s conditions of contract, which say they have to give two months’ notice.

Coincidentally, I had just credited €1,000 to the account, which is thus blocked until I can make alternative arrangements.

Direct debits, such as in respect of my Télépéage, VPN, etc have been declined by CN despite the account being well in balance.
Repeated emails to the executives of CN on record have been ignored. No reason for this contractual breach has been given.

A point that I’ve found with pre-paid cards, is that hire car companies will not accept them.

I paid online for a hire with a pre-paid card, but with the confirmation came a list of requirements for collecting the car, such as bringing my licence and credit card but specifically not a pre-pay one.

Michael STANNARD, Haute-Vienne

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