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Second-home owners: 'carte de sejour’ rights?

Many thanks for the links to translations of the French Interior Ministry’s advice for Britons living in France after Brexit (available online in Connexion’s dedicated Brexit section at

27 March 2019

I have seen reference elsewhere to a carte de séjour visiteur. Could this apply to second home-owners and enable them to stay longer?

I understand they would have to prove that they have a main residence in the UK and are financially independent and would not be reliant on the French state. Is that correct?

Jayne Barber, by email


We reply: All cartes are for full-time residents. The carte you mention is for non-EU citizens who do not qualify for a long-stay card (eg. those resident for less than five years) and who are not working or studying. It lasts a year and is renewable. Holders need to prove they have their own means and must not work. After Brexit, and any possible transition period, normal rules for non-EU visitors would apply to British second home-owners but they are not expected to need visitor visas (we are assuming this would be in place in time in a no-deal). Those wishing to come for more than three months, and able to support themselves, could apply for a six-month visa, which involves providing full details of their intended trip and a £99 fee. It is for a specific stay and needs to be applied for at least three months before they travel across.

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