Thanks for a great time at Interceltique

Thank you for the complimentary tickets we received for this year’s Lorient Interceltique festival via Connexion. 

27 August 2018

We had a great time with the grand parade, soiree folk and the Nuit Interceltique.

The Nuit Interceltique was spectacular with each Celtic nation performing and a grand finale with all the nations and fireworks.

Scotland and Ireland put on a super show with pipe bands and dancers; there was a brass band from Cornwall and a male voice choir (Pendyrus) and harpists from Wales.

As the guest nation, I had hoped there would be more of a focus on Wales but they were the last to perform and sang Welsh and Breton anthems. It was a great atmosphere.

Kate WARD, Morbihan

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thank you for the positive feedback.

The Connexion was pleased to be a media partner of this year’s  Interceltique, the 48th edition of the festival, which attracted more than 750,000 visitors from around the world – a fantastic success!  

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