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Time to throw the UK out

Your June issue article (People across bloc must see their destinies lie together) is an excellent analysis, covering the many issues that concern all citizens about Brexit, and which, so-called leaders forget.

26 June 2019

The English establishment, in the form of Boris Johnson and his supporters have no place in Europe.

They behave as if Britannia still has the right to rule the world, keep Europe waiting forever on their chaotic disunity, as evidenced by the latest arrogant speeches from Johnson and other candidates for prime minister.

They are promising the British people they will dictate to Europe and sadly, for the 48% who voted in the referendum to stay in Europe, they will leave with no deal.

The plain facts are that they use ‘divide and conquer’ in pursuing their sole goal of extreme unregulated capitalism (started by Margaret Thatcher).

The 27 European countries should, after three years of being held up by the UK, wait no longer and expel the UK from Europe.

This will allow Europe to solve its own problems.

Most of the 27 countries share values regarding such matters as social care, environment, freedom of choice, fraternity, state services, including free health and education for all.

I left England in 2000, after a lifetime there from 1947.

Brian Hurley, Ribérac

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