Ultimate DIY equation

RE: The article “How to decide if you should do it yourself” (Connexion, February 2019, see here).

I agree on the content of the article by Nick Inman, but I have a complementary approach.

From the price that a craftsman would charge me, I deduct the state refund (crédit d’impôt) if applicable and the price of raw materials.

I divide the result by the number of hours I estimate I need to do the job myself. It gives me a price per hour.

On the one hand it gives me the priorities to save money, and on the other, under a certain threshold I entrust the work to a professional.

Note: VAT could be different if the job is done by a craftsman.

Typical example is replacing the windows with double-glazed ones. VAT is 5.5% if the craftman is RGE-certified. It is 20% if you do it yourself.

J-Y Renaud, Loire-Atlantique

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