Unwanted calls are no longer a problem

Stopping unsolicited phone calls is not rocket science

26 August 2019

I see complaints on the Connexion letters pages from dissatisfied users of Bloctel and, as a subscriber for three years, who has found absolutely no reduction in the rate of unsolicited calls, I sympathise.

There is an effective alternative – install your own call- blocking device.

A range of call-blocking devices are available on the internet at prices from about €20. I purchased one at €80, which is connected very simply between the incoming line and the phone. It works on our VOIP phone and the several DECT extensions.

Before installing this device, we received six or more unwanted calls a day. That is now down to one, sometimes two, as (sadly, but inevitably) the perpetrators are continually using new numbers.

When we do answer what turns out to be junk call, a press of two keys blocks that number in future.

It is not surprising that Bloctel does not deliver user satisfaction. The system relies on users reporting unsolicited calls, using a procedure that is slow and tedious.

Even when unwanted calls are reported to Bloctel, there is no guarantee any action is taken – my own experience would suggest that it is not.

Stopping unsolicited phone calls is not rocket science so these could easily be stopped by Bloctel, if there was the will to do so, and there would be no need for user reporting.

My advice is not to wait for “the authorities” to put a stop to junk telephone marketing but to do it yourself. Spend a few euros, maybe 15 minutes installing the device and bring back privacy and peace to your home!

Richard Conn, by email

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