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The moneymen and Brexit

27 June 2018

I support the Leave vote as I believe it was a mistake joining the EEC in the first place and it would be an even greater mistake to remain in what has evolved into the EU. 

In the short term my wife, who is French, and I have suffered financially because our pensions are paid in the UK. But the current poor exchange rate is not the fault of the leave vote.

It is the decision of faceless money men and I cannot help thinking this is to manipulate the outcome of the exit discussions in their favour.

Be in no doubt the benefits of working from London and enjoying the open borders of the EU is the priority for these people and the UK comes second. We chose to leave the UK and are lucky to be able to vote for up to 15 years after we left.

John S Cole, by email

How does the authority for Brexit differ from that of Volkswagen which was responsible for selling cars that cheated emissions tests?

One recalls President Donald Trump saying, “The Germans are very dishonest people,” or words to this effect.

Has it not been much more dishonest for the United Kingdom to have mis-sold our country? It is really quite shocking.

The British public have been duped. A gigantic fraud has been foisted upon them.

This, surely, is the ‘Mother of all Mis-selling’?

Allan MIDDLETON, Vienne

I am a UK pensioner resident in France, with sisters in the UK. I also suffer from a chronic blood cancer so it is difficult to get travel insurance.

My previous EHIC stated I can use it for healthcare in the UK. But the one I obtained recently says I cannot.

As a pensioner, my EHIC is issued by the UK. Renewing it this time was difficult. You cannot do it online as you are not allowed to enter an overseas address. I telephoned, was passed from one department to another and then back again, and eventually got to renew the card, but no mention was made of the change in rules.

I was told I have a right to free healthcare in the UK as I am a UK pensioner and British citizen, but I have failed to get an answer on what documents I need to prove my entitlement.

This only applies to pensioners. Previously, living in Spain in early 2000, my EHIC was issued by Spain. I have a French carte vitale but cannot get a French EHIC. I do not know if this will change when I obtain French citizenship.

It seems to me that the UK is in a permanent state of chaos over Brexit. A pity for people like me who have to live with this mismanagement.

Cecilia Johnston, by email

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