Association Culturelle Franco-Anglaise d'Aquitaine (ACFAA)

Registration #: W241000369

The Association Culturelle Franco-Anglaise Aquitaine (ACFAA) was formed on 21st. July 1992 by Philip Rodger, a Scot living in Eymet and the first 4 years were dedicated to an art group. Over the following years other groups and social activities were introduced. Today we have 450+ members, run 8 French & 3 English classes, 9 activity groups ranging from Art to our 50+ strong Choir (Cantabile), Line Dancing to Gardening, also we arrange several social events throughout the year

The aim of ACFAA is the promotion of Franco-English harmony in the cultural domain, in the south west of France, mainly centred around Eymet (Including departments 24 & 47). Its objective is the promotional help towards the development of Franco-English and European rapport in the fields of culture, art, history, music, language, gastronomy and European relationships

To participate in our Groups and Language Courses you must be a member of the Association. Our social events are open to all and have member and non-member rates. All courses and groups are free except Line Dancing, Choir and Bridge groups where there is a small group fee, to cover expenses.

The Association year starts in September when we have a registration evening to enrol in the groups and courses (Membership must be renewed annually). To join ACFAA please print and complete the membership form ( and bring it along to our registration evening in September, or post it to us with the membership fee at any time throughout the year. Subscription is currently 10 € annually, free for anyone 75 years & older, students & under 18's (March 1st. to August 31st subscription is 6€)




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