Association Franco-Ecossaise

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The Association Franco-Ecossaise (AFE) was founded in Paris in 1896 and has a sister organization called the Franco-Scottish Society of Scotland (FSSS) in Edinburgh.

In Scotland, we have a national committee, chaired by Rt. Hon. Lord Brodie, High Judge of the Scottish High Courts. In France, our committee of up to fifteen members is chaired by Jacques Leruez, honorary research director of the CNRS and a former professor at the IEP in Paris.

We aim to:
- promote research of the historical links between France and Scotland and the influence that each country exerts on the other
- promote university studies on Scotland in historical, political, economic, social and cultural contexts, whether focused on traditional Scotland or contemporary Scotland, or in relation to the United Kingdom and the European Union.

In order to do so, we award a doctoral thesis prize of € 5,000 (which can be shared by the jury) every two years, in association with the Scottish Catholic Foundation. The jury, composed equally by representatives of the two organizations, has been chaired by Mr. Henri Suhamy, professor emeritus at the University of Nanterre, since 2013.

Phone: 09 54 51 18 44