South African International Association of the Riviera

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SAFI is for everyone, of all nationalities, who enjoy South Africa, its people, its culture, nature and heritage. We are a friendly and welcoming group of people that aim to promote and communicate the interests of members, their families, friends and visitors in Monaco and along the French and Italian Rivieras.

Via the various events and functions, you will start to network and enlarge your contacts. Proceeds from these events will be donated to SAFI projects. By joining SAFI you will be supporting several, meaningful, community conservation projects along with the opportunity of meeting interesting people who have lived all over the world.

Annual subscription is €12 per person or €20 per couple. We invite you to make a donation to support the conservation projects if you wish.

Anyone who would like to sponsor SAFI or host a SAFI event, please contact SAFI direct. Members will receive details of the projects supported, annual report and accounts, and a copy of the quarterly newsletter.

For those who would like to visit South Africa, you will have the chance to gain a greater understanding of Africa, its people and cultures. Through a wide variety of contacts we are able to assist with introductions, places to stay and friends to meet both in France, Monaco, Italy and South Africa.

Phone: 04 93 86 04 77



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