The Caledonian Society of France

Registration #: W751017019

Founded in 1922 for Scots in France, The Caledonian Society of France has an active membership consisting both of Scots and of lovers of Scotland, brought together with a view to maintaining Scottish traditions.

The principal activities of the Society are the St Andrew’s Night Dinner Dance held in late November, or early December (this is the last remaining formal event on the British community's annual social calendar) and Burns' Night, a celebration of Scotland’s national poet, which takes place as close as possible to the Bard's birthday on January 25th.

Other events organised for Society members and their friends have included whisky tastings, picnicking and dancing on May Day. outings to places of interest with Scottish connections, and charity ceilidhs to raise funds for deserving causes in Scotland.

The Society maintains close links with other groups in Paris, whose vocation is also the promotion of various facets of Scottish culture, past and present.

Anyone, whether Scots-born or not, who is attracted by all things Scottish, may apply for membership. Individual €15, Family €20.

Phone: 01 48 28 38 69