Chabrelle Computer Club

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I (Charlie) had to stop work in the UK in 2000 due to a serious neurological condition which still effects me today meaning I can never work as normal again. My brain still functions very well but I have to work at my own pace as I am in continual variable pain. Pam therefore does most of the work on the gîtes with me helping out from time to time as my health allows.

Back in the UK I trained as an Electronics Engineer specialising in computing ending as Operations Director for a plc computer company. After about a year over here in France word gradually leaked out that I really understood and knew computers, networks and software. So people started coming to me asking for help. They wanted to pay me something for my efforts. I didn’t want to start a company up so I found in France that you could run an official Association (Club). This then means we need to keep simple books (income & receipt) and have an AGM each year. My wife and I are the only permanent members and anyone that needs help then becomes a temporary member paying a variable subscription for temporary membership. The amount varies depending on what help they require. Also it means the club can buy computer items on behalf of members. We try to encourage people to understand more about their computers so that they can better help themselves and ask the right questions when they need help. We help people of all ages from maternelle à retraite and very small businesses! We help people everyone where we can.

We have a Chabrelle Computer Club bank account so can accept payment by cheque, provide receipts, We do not make a profit.

Contact us via email if you would like more information.

Charlie & Pam Nott

Phone: + 44 (0)844 232 6051 +33 (0)5 53 90 50 39