Association of American Wives of Europeans (AAWE)

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AAWE is a dynamic community of women from a range of ages, backgrounds and experiences. We are for the most part American women, living permanently in Europe, enjoying bicultural lives. We are fortunate, as a result of our group's focus, to enjoy lifelong friendships that reach across continents and generations.

We are integrated into European society and are of many walks of life. We are long term residents of France who have grouped together around common issues of concern and interest. These issues include citizenship, bilingualism, education and life situations such as work, intercultural marriage, life changes, and life as a senior citizen. We meet to address these issues, expand our understanding and form a support network.

We maintain strong ties to the United States and wish to transmit, both on a personal and cultural level, our American heritage to our children. We do this through social events, children's parties and cultural events within our own organization.

We actively contribute to the Anglophone community through our publications and participation in community events. We give charitable donations to support organizations working to better our society, globally and locally.

AAWE has 2 types of membership:
- Regular Members: women who are citizens of the United States living in France for the long term.
- Associate Members: other women or men who identify with AAWE's mission.

To learn more, please see our website.

Phone: 01 40 701 180