Bordeaux Women’s Club

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New to Bordeaux? The Bordeaux Women's Club helps international English-speaking women to meet each other and appreciate and adapt comfortably into French and Bordelaise life and culture.

Our club was created at the end of World War II by American military wives living in Southwest France to welcome new arrivals and encourage friendships abroad. In 1984, we became an official association recognized by the French government. Over the years, our association has served a very large and active English-speaking community in the Bordeaux region. Today, you will discover a dynamic mix of English-speaking women from more than 25 countries.

We offer many monthly activities, both during the day and in the evenings, like book clubs, tours, luncheons, evenings at the opera and cooking classes to name a few. All age groups are represented and welcome. One of our greatest strengths is each other’s experience, whether we are just starting our first job, raising children or enjoying a peaceful retirement.

Candidates who would like to join the Club, must fulfill the following criteria:
- be fluent in spoken English
- have lived abroad for a consequential amount of time and recently come or returned to the Bordeaux region /OR/ have a bi-cultural, bilingual English-speaking family
- have her application accepted by the Board

To apply or for more information, please email us.