Dordogne Ladies Club International

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The Club is open to women of any nationality who possess enough fluency in the English language to enable them to participate in the Association’s meetings and activities.

Our aims are to promote social contact and international friendships through social gatherings, excursions and other promotions and activities, and to assist social organisations or charities financially or otherwise.

We meet once a month for lunch with a guest speaker on occasions.

We try to arrange lunches in a variety of locations around the entire Dordogne region to ensure that our members from further afield do not always have to travel too far.

We also split the region into four sub areas and have an "area" lunch every few months that may be closer to where you live. There are also a number of special events during the year, including shopping trips to Bordeaux, Ballet and Opera in the Bordeaux Opera House, visits to interesting towns, etc.

A monthly newsletter is sent to all members reviewing events and giving details of all Club activities, group events and news.

Phone: 05 53 30 41 91