Women's International Club Languedoc Rousillon

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WIC is a club for women of all nationalities to meet and make friends, through social and cultural activities. Our official languages are French and English.

Whether you are living full-time or part-time in France, you are invited to enjoy all that WIC has to offer. We hold a monthly meeting in St Chinian, which is a great chance for members to be updated on club matters, then socialise during the Pause Café. There are also occasional short presentations on topical subjects

There are also a number of annual club events on offer during the course of the year - walking groups, petanque groups, bridge groups,book clubs, art and craft groups, afternoon tea, gastronomic events, bilingual converstaion classes and other events - before we end our yearly social calendar with our great Christmas Party.

We try to support local charities, which are chosen by the membership. One of the ways in which we have raised funds is our grand 'Vente de Charite' which was organised, staffed and run by club members.

Our club is a marvellous opportunity to meet women from other countries and other cultures. Please contact us for further information. You will be warmly welcomed!


Website: http://www.wic-lr.com/