Womens International Club Méditerranée

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Our association provides a meeting for women in the area. We are a group of about 80 women of different nationalities who like to meet to socialise and/or to do different activities. We have a monthly meeting with a varied programme which might be a speaker of interest generally to our members or a party to celebrate our birthday or Christmas.

Our clubs and activities include: a bridge group, charity work, a walking group, a book club, cultural outings, a arts and crafts group, creative writing events, English-French conversation classes, our Pause Café, pot luck lunches, a singing group, the Gourmet Girls dining group, swim and spa groups, a pudding club, a local history group and lots more!

You can join WICM by attending a monthly meeting. Forms are available at the meeting or printable from our website.

For more information, see our website or our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WICMed

Phone: 06 04 42 57 65

Website: www.wicmediterranee.org


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