Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts

Registration #: W232001865

Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts is a registered organisation which was founded in 2013 to raise funds for worthy causes in France through the kind assistance of owners who open their garden to members of the public. The minimum commitment is to open your garden for just 1 day per annum and, by so doing, you will help us raise the € thousands which are donated to charities each year. The main beneficiary is an organisation which helps children and young people in remission from cancer or leukemia (A Chacun son Everest).

You can also visit our gardens by simply paying for an annual membership card (only 10€). This gives you access to all of the gardens throughout the year on their stated open days.

If you are interested in opening your garden, being a local coordinator (helping us to find gardens close to you) or just visiting, please either go to the website for more information or contact us by phone or email. We would love to hear from you.

Phone: 05 55 63 43 12