British Rugby Club of Paris

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Formed in 1923 by English Ex-pats living and working in Paris the The British Rugby Club of Paris is a team steeped in history and, though briefly suspending its activities during the Second World War, has operated continuously for over 90 years.

The club joined the Corporate League in the Ile de France section of the Federation Francaise de Rugby. The teams have been very competitive in this competition and won top honours a number of times.

The club fields a 1st XV side on Saturdays that competes in the Corpo League with other teams in Paris and suburbs. Our floodlit facilities at Stade des Fauvettes, located north of Paris in Domont, boast three pitches (two grass and one 4g), as well as a running track, club house and modern changing rooms.

We also regularly host "touring sides", particularly during international match weekends, and takes part in one or several sevens-a-side or veterans tournaments every year. We go on Tour at least once every season, and we have already visited such diverse and fun places as Cardiff, Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome or Bayonne – with more to come.

The atmosphere in the club is excellent at both playing and social levels. As one of the most inclusive clubs in Paris, we welcome players of all nationalities and ability. Not all of the players or members are British, as the club reflects the thriving international community in Paris. We even have French players who prefer us to French Teams for the "Esprit d'Equipe."