Brittany Walking Football Association

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We are a friendly sport association with players of all ages that come together to play walking football on a regular basis. Walking football is a more sedate version of football, in which jogging or running is prohibited. It is a minimal-contact sport usually played with five to six players on each side.

Members of the BWFA normally play on Monday afternoons at one of three venues (Cléguérec, Pontivy or Josselin). Teams are mixed and consist of players of all fitness levels. Since the rules prohibit running, the sport is suitable for everyone.

The membership subscription has been set at 5€ and this will entitle a playing member to a free training session. Otherwise, all those attending training sessions will pay 2€ per session, including non-members.

All that is required of players, apart from their subscription, is a valid medical certificate stating their fitness to play. These can be obtained from medical practitioners and, in France, are now valid for 3 years. Certificates from other countries may be accepted. If players do not have certificates and wish to play, they will be asked to complete a “Discharge of Responsibility” form to absolve the Club of any liability.

Membership forms will be available at training sessions or you can request one to be sent to you by email.