Riviera Hash House Hovel

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Our association allows a bunch of people to run (or walk) around the countryside following a trail of flour, so that they can disengage their minds and just enjoy themselves, meet other folks and visit places they might not have otherwise seen.

We cater for runners of all abilities and meet every two weeks, on Sundays, at various times of the day. Our stamping ground stretches from way over west in the Var, to way over east to the Italian border, (and occasionally beyond), although we usually stick to our little patch in a 50km radius of the Sophia Antipolis world.

As it tends to get a little warm in our neck of the woods, we usually offer drinks somewhere near half way round, as well as drinks at the end of the run. A meal is usually organised for after the run, but that's not mandatory. To find out more, you'll just have to come along, won't you :-)

We also known as "a drinking club with a running problem" - You don't have to be an alcoholic to join, but nor do you need to be a top athlete.

Prices vary epending on whether your a member, where we're eating and whether you're going to join us for the meal, but a basic run fee is €5, with addtional meal costs at €15-20.

Our membership costs €15 per person (or €22.50 for a family), per year.

Phone: 04 94 85 15 50

Website: http://www.rivierahhh.com