English American Library, Nice

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The Library began as an exchange of books between families who spent the winters in Nice in the 1820s. Today, we are housed in the basement of the Centenary Church Hall at 12b Rue de France, about 10 metres closer to the Church than it was originally. Although we are still on the grounds of Holy Trinity, we are organised separately from the Church and the Library Committee is entirely independent.

Our members mostly join on a yearly membership, but some tourists and short term visitors take out weekly subscriptions. The newspaper desk is always full of papers and magazines and the ‘ New Arrivals ‘ shelves are always full.

Our Library is still run by a Committee of twelve and nine voluntary unpaid Librarians keep it open every day from 10-11 a.m. and 3-5 p.m., except Sunday and Monday.

Phone: 04 93 87 42 67

Website: http://www.nice-english-library.org/