Ensemble Vocal Variations

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Variations is a music and drama association based in Ribérac in the Dordogne region of south West France. The association was established under French law in September 2006. We are officially recognised and supported by the Conseil Général de la Dordogne & Union des Sociétés Musicales de la Dordogne.

It comprises three sections: Variations Ensemble Vocal, Variations-en-Scène, Variations Chamber choir.

Variations recruits singers, musicians, actors and backstage workers to assist with concerts, productions and other events.

We encompass a wide range of musical styles including baroque, chamber music, classical, light, jazz, swing, spiritual, popular and music hall, on stage, informally and concert style. It is available for private functions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations.

Admission to the Variations Ensemble Vocale requires an Audition. You will require a good ear and passion for music .......

Variations membership costs €45 a year, except for council members who pay €25.

Membership is available for people who support the Association but do not necessarily want to be involved. They are sent regular newsletters, notices of forthcoming events and ticket information as well as invitations to social events. This membership is €10 p.a.


Website: http://www.variationsfrance.com