Franco-American Vocal Academy

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Founded in 1993, the Franco-American Vocal Academy (formerly Austria American Mozart Academy) is a specialist in Opera Summer Programs whose mission is to discover, educate and inspire promising vocal talent.

The various Opera Summer Programs of the Franco-American Vocal Academy strive to develop the complete singer, providing the tools to compete in this most difficult of professions: immersion in the various cultures, vocal technique, traditions of the operatic repertoire, art song interpretation, stage training, expert knowledge of interaction patterns in the operatic milieu.

FAVA is a not-for-profit, non-discriminatory organization affiliated with the Butler School of Music of the University of Texas.

The Franco-Amercican Vocal Academy is the Opera Summer Program Specialist in Europe, with one opera program in France and one opera program in Austria.

Whether you want to become an opera singer, a choral singer or a voice teacher, the William Lewis School of Opera brings you the knowledge and experience you need. A specialist in Opera Summer Programs in Europe since 1993, the William Lewis School of Opera is the ideal complement to University Studies or Private Vocal Studies.

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