Friends of English Theatre

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Friends of English Theatre was formed in 2014 with the aim of bringing high calibre theatre in English for the enjoyment of all local Anglophone theatre lovers.

We work in conjunction with the French management committee of the community theatre, Le Colombier at Les Cabannes, near Cordes Sur Ciel - they are called 'Theatre Le Colombier' on Facebook.

Being a non-profit making association, we rely on membership fees and full houses to enable us to bring the performers from the UK and to continue staging quality, interesting and entertaining plays and shows. Please contact our secretary at for membership fees or to book seats.

Theatre Le Colombier at Les Cabannes, near Cordes Sur Ciel is a technically well appointed theatre converted from a tannery by a former Cordes resident Pierre Nicole. The theatre has a raked auditorium seating 125, a bar, a terraced garden and accommodation for performers as well as a large car park. We are fortunate to have such an amenity here in rural Tarn and, with the support of both our Anglophone members and the French community management committee, we hope to see the theatre thrive and expand staging successful events in both English and French.