Anglican Chaplaincy of Midi Pyrénées and Aude

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Our church belongs to the Anglican Communion, but we are from many different Christian backgrounds, and this is reflected in our worship.

Most are native English speakers, but we have others for whom English is a second or third language.

We worship at present in seven locations; we meet in prayer, bible study and home groups in many more places; we feel close in spirit although often far apart in geography.

Some of us have retired to this beautiful part of France; others are working; others are not yet walking. Most are expatriates, but with a strong sense of belonging to the communities in which we live.

Some of us have just arrived; some will be here for a short time. Others have been worshipping here for 30 or 40 years. 'Here' covers an area larger than Wales.

We have all found a home in this church; there are many others who would and will find the same.

Phone: 05 65 21 47 99