Christ Church Brittany

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Christ Church Brittany has continued to grow and congregations now meet for services on a weekly basis in Ploërmel, fortnightly in Rostrenen and monthly in Huelgoat. There are also Home Groups now meeting regularly in, or close to, Ploërmel, Rostrenen, Redon, St Vran and Bannalec. In November 2008 the Diocese granted Christ Church Brittany full Chaplaincy status.

In addition to the regular services there are many social events that take place throughout the Chaplaincy. These include coffee mornings, social evenings, concerts, BBQ’s etc. All of these help to bring fellowship to members of the congregation and it is hoped to encourage non churchgoers to see the activities of the church.

Christ Church Brittany has close ties with French churches in the Region and many joint services take place, including a number of what have now become annual Carol services at Christmas.

The congregations of Christ Church consist of people from many varying denominational backgrounds, most live here in France but we also see many visitors to Brittany who attend our services. Christ Church is primarily there for English speakers in France but all are welcome, whatever the background or language spoken.




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