Christ Church Lille

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Christ Church is the only English-speaking church in the city and surrounding area. Our services and most other activities are held in English.
We are an open church — we welcome all people no matter who you are or where you are on your spiritual journey. We are all travellers together. We don’t have all of the answers; we encourage questions and dialogue with God and each other. Our understanding is that praying shapes believing. In other words, our faith is nurtured by participating in the worship and life of the congregation. That means that some of us have a deep and life-long faith and some of us aren’t even sure God exists. But all of us are growing in faith as we worship together.

We are a busy and active congregation, with a wide range of ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

Christ Church does not ask or expect you to be a member of the Church of England to join us for worship.
If you seek a deeper relationship with God or even if you are just curious about God, we encourage you to join us. We will not make you stand up and introduce yourself. We will not find your questions disturbing. We will not assume that you know the answers nor will we assume that the answers we have found will be yours. We invite you to become fellow travellers on a spiritual journey that will take all of us to the heart of God.

Phone: 03 28 52 66 36