Message - Parents Support Group in Paris

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Message is a support and contact group for parents and parents-to-be living in and around Paris. Our organisation aims to provide a social and support network to expecting women, new mothers, fathers, and families with children of all ages, through various parenting resources including monthly activities, practical advice and useful information.

We are 1500 mothers & fathers - collectively raising over 3000 children of all ages in and around Paris.

From not-yet-born to grown-up, the average age of our kids is 7 years old.

All of us are working - about half of us outside the home, about half of us as stay-at-home parents. We come from over 60 countries, speak over 20 languages. The common denominator? We also all speak English.

For more information, see our website or our Facebook page (

Phone: 01 58 60 00 53 (10 am-4 pm weekdays)



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