Je Déj, Je Donne - Support Action contre la Faim

Help feed a child for a fortnight - by giving up a single €7 titres restaurant ticket!

If every one of the 3.8million employees in France who benefit from the titres restaurant scheme, Action contre la Faim could help than two million hungry and starving children children.

Donating is simple:

Simply write "Action Against Hunger" on each ticket you wish to donate, and send it to the following address (no postage is necessary):

Action contre la Faim – Opération « Je Déj, Je Donne »
Libre réponse 93244 – 77009 Melun Cedex

Action contre la Faim will accept all ticket types - Chèques Déjeuner, Tickets Restaurant, Chèques de Table, Chèques Restaurant - as well as Chèques Cadhoc, Chèques Disque and Chèques Culture issued by the Up group.
Your donation is eligible for a tax deduction of 75% of the donation amount for individuals and 60% for businesses.

Phone: 01 70 84 72 34