Looking for English-speaker to join us for Tuesday afternoon chats

We are a group of senior pupils wanting to improve our knowledge of English and English-speaking countries.

During these last past three years, we have taken great pleasure in reading The Connexion, for its sympathetic and accurate views on France, our country.

So, in spite of Brexit, we would like to carry on celebrating the mutual esteem that unites our countries!

Any Brit or English-speaking reader around Tours (37 - Loire Valley) is welcome to pay us a visit for a little chat on Tuesday afternoons (early October until beginning of May).

Classes last 1hr15, with first session starting at 14.15, the second session at 15.45 and the 3rd one, for beginners, at 17.15.

Meet us at:
Espace St Leger
110 Rue de Saint-Léger
37300 Joué les Tours



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