Teacher needed to help class keep up English

Members of the English Please group in Brittany are looking for a new teacher to help with elementary class

Volunteer needed for group of French retirees 

A Brittany group is looking for an English-speaker to give them language lessons so members can keep up their English. English Please, in Auray, Morbihan, is mostly retired French people and they have been looking for a teacher for their elementary level class since last June.

Former volunteer Jennifer Bogner taught for 10 years and said she had really enjoyed the experience but was unable to continue.

She wants to find a replacement: “I had never taught before and I had to spend some time preparing lessons. It was very rewarding. They are a nice group of people. We had a lot of fun.

“It is very sociable and we even went on holiday to Guernsey together.”

Association president Michèle Bar­dot said the class was about 15 people from 16-18.00 on a Friday. All had studied English at school but need basic revision and a chance to speak to improve their English for holidays.

“It would be voluntary but we do pay expenses and we need someone with some French so they can explain to people who are not fluent.

“No teaching experience is necessary. Some students have had to give up and can’t wait to start up again.”

Contact Ms Bardot at alainmi.bardot@orange.fr or 02 97 55 06 96.

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